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As the blueprint of the mind unfolds, we can (naturally) reach those we love.Maintaining optimism while you’re dating is no small potatoes.While some of us are eager to connect, the rest of us would rather commit to all six seasons of “Lost,” before settling down with one person.Despite our personal habits and preferences, there's one question that still remains.

A pessimist, by definition, believes the evil or hardships in life outweigh the good or luxuries.Even hearing that the odds of divorce are almost 1 in 2 tends not to make us think that our own marriages may be destined to fail.The extensive study used brain-imaging results to conclude that while healthy people expect the future to be slightly better than it ends up being, people with severe depression tend to be pessimistically biased: they expect things to be worse than they end up being.Know that emoji that’s smiling and has hearts for eyes? If there’s one single characteristic that’s carried me through every terrible date, bitter break-up, sleeping with my ex and trying my damndest to not give up on this elusive thing called love, it’s my optimism. Because that’s just not in my vocabulary or my belief system.Know that emjoi that’s smiling and has hearts for eyes? More than anything else I value in a future partner — and in myself — is a person’s ability to see the bright side of things and to put others before himself to bring a bit more happiness into the world. Like that time I asked for a sign that love was coming and my ‘Love Never Fails’ plaque in my room came crashing down in the middle of the night a few hours later. The best is always yet to come, no matter how great the good is now.People with mild depression are relatively accurate when predicting future events. Says Sharot, “A canceled flight is hardly tragic, but even when the incidents that befall us are the type of horrific events we never expected to encounter, we automatically seek evidence confirming that our misfortune is a blessing in disguise.


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