Georgina baillie adam ant dating

“That period was the worst of it.” Georgina, 25, recently acknowledged the scandal had left her having to cope with a “really strange relationship” with her grandparents and stressed that she still hoped to heal the rift.She is reported to have been dating veteran pop star Adam Ant, who is 31 years her senior.

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In almost every show Brand was joined by his co-host Matt Morgan who would often steer him in certain directions regarding what to talk about.Grizzled of sideburn and goatee at 55, he's still unfairly handsome with that matinee idol jawline and those icy blue eyes, a few tightly-wound plaits emerging from a Jack Sparrow bandana, itself shaded by a jaunty flat cap.Adam's a fashionable half-hour late to meet me and his stunning new girlfriend Hayley, one of the drummers in his backing band (as well as a member of burlesque dance troupe Satanic Sluts, of Georgina 'Sachsgate' Baillie infamy), but he comes bearing gifts: bags of liquorice allsorts, prawn crackers and assorted other snacks to keep us entertained.The 80-year-old Fawlty Towers star was memorably the victim of an offensive phone message from Jonathan Ross and ­Russell Brand when he was informed burlesque dancer Georgina had once slept with the comedian.An alarmed Sachs went on to discover that his granddaughter not only went by the stage name of Voluptua with raunchy dance troupe the Satanic Sluts but that her past also involved drugs and X-rated television.German-born Sachs, meanwhile, who has been married to wife Melody Lang for more than 50 years, says he is concentrating on his auto­biography.


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